About Us

We source and supply, 100% certified free-range, grass-fed Beef.
This includes our top of the range, Black Angus Beef from the Kalahari.
No routine antibiotics and/or growth hormones are used in the rearing process.
Our menu also includes other fine cuts of Beef, Lamb, Pork and Chicken.

Our mission is simple: fresh from farm to kitchen.


The Story

Where It All Began


Gabbi joined the Brawn Meats Group in 2018 as co-owner and director. He has an absolute love and passion for the food industry and specifically meat purveying.

Gabbi’s late father was the owner of The White Tower restaurant on 1 Percy Street, London, named as one of the top 10 restaurants world-wide.

In Cape Town he owned amongst others, Alexander’s Tea Lounge in Bloubergstrand, Drapers in Newlands, Staisons in Milnerton and De Roode Kat, just off Adderley Street.

Humble Beginnings

In February of 2019, Gabbi took over the ownership and control of Brawn Meats (Pty) Ltd and from there the trading name changed to Gabbi’s Meats, giving a personal touch to the business.

He sources only ethically farmed, premium quality, meat cuts.

His meat products include not only pure Black Angus Beef, 100% certified free-range, grass-fed with exceptional marbling and dark flesh colour, but many other Premium Cuts. Lamb, Pork and Chicken are part of the range or products offered to the discerning customer.

The Journey

From the farm, the cattle are transported to official abattoirs and from there transported to Pretoria.

Here trained professional staff prepare, portion and do all of the packaging as required by the family of clients.

Gabbi’s Meats currently cater to boutique hotels and signature restaurants, and now servicing private clients as well, due to the growing demand.

Black Angus Cows grazing contentendly

Shop Our Best Cuts

Gabbi sources only top quality, ethically farmed, grass-fed beef and other meat products and delivers them fresh to your door.

Black Angus Beef

Cuts with exceptional marbling and mouth-watering to the pallet.

Free Range Beef

No Routine antibiotics / No Growth hormones / Grass Fed / Free Range

Wet Aged Beef

Cuts are packed and in packaging matured for up to 28 days

Dry Aged Beef

Cuts with bone on are dry aged in a cool area for a certain period to give the meat a well matured taste.


Premium pork cuts, delivered to your door.


Premium lamb cuts, delivered to your door.


Premium chicken cuts, delivered to your door.

Cheese & Oil

Gouda & Cheddar Cheese.

Pure Sunflower Oils & Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Ethically Farmed, Free-Range, Grass-Fed, Goodness.

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